Shipping Cost Changes

Thank you, our loyal customers for sending your business our way. We are keenly aware of so many inflationary costs and have been trying to hold down customer expenses for getting our products to you so we can give you, our customer, a break on shipping. Shipping companies keep raising prices by leaps and bounds and seem out of control. Just a year or so ago a Priority Mail 1 lb shipment cost a little over $7 and now it is up to well over $8, and that's for the minimum size and weight of 1 lb. We have been working with our vendors to control these costs as well. We have been trying to utilize First Class Mail on small items by using a flat rate shipping amount instead of the shipping company's floating scale rate and not using tracking on some of the smaller, less expensive items. But it is no simple task. We have lowered our free shipping amount to $60 so more of our customers can take advantage of free shipping,,,we have done this by utilizing better packaging on our larger shipments, which provides better protection for our products and lesser cost for packaging (which is also way out of control). We hope this will work to an advantage, but if it doesn't we will need to look for something else. Please keep in mind that we are a family owned USA company and our livelihood depends on you, our customers. Hopefully, together we can keep the USA free and working.

Best wishes and happy knitting!

Judy & Larry


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