Shipping Cost

Thank you, our loyal customers for sending your business our way. We are keenly aware of so many inflationary costs and supply chain interruptions and have been trying to hold down the cost of shipping to you so we can give you, our customer, the lowest cost in shipping. Transport companies keep raising prices by leaps and bounds and seem out of control. Just a year or so ago a Priority Mail 1 lb shipment cost a little over $7 and now it is up to well over $8, and that's for the minimum size and weight of 1 lb package! First Class Mail was also seriously affected.

In addition, the US Postal Service changed package size limits so that anything over 22" in length in USPS Priority Mail is considered a "non standard" package and raised the minimum shipment cost of these items to almost $30, there seems to be no end to this crazyness. 

Effective June 1st 2022 we had to increase our minimum to qualify for free shipping to $100 (not including any shipping cost) to quality. We hope we do not have to increase it any more but it depends on UPS and USPS price increases to us as to whether we need to up the minimum order to qualify for free shipping.

Please keep in mind that we are a family owned USA company and our livelihood depends on you, our customers. Hopefully, together we can keep the USA free and working.

Best wishes and happy knitting!

Judy & Larry


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