Yarn On Cones Is Available At Our Yarn Shop

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Maybe some good has come from the Covis-19 lock down. Our Customers were not able to walk into the shop so I had a lot of time on my hands. Because we have lots of hand knitters and knitting machine parts for our machine knitters, I have always felt that the machine knitters were slighted on all the pretty yarns because they are limited in scope to only machine yarn suppliers as most yarn shops do not carry cone yarns. What that means is that all these fantastic and fashionable new yarns were not available to machine knitters. So I decided to put some of these yarns on cones. The cones would be a little smaller than they are used to using in that they would be equivalent to the normal ball yardage, whatever that might be. While a person might need to purchase several cones to get the yardage needed for a project, you would be able to start your project without having to personally wind the yarn onto cones, we do that for you. There is a small charge for doing this as the cones aren't free, but with a $60 purchase, you would get free shipping anyway and a wide variety of yarns to use. Not all yarns are available yet but we are working on it.  So, give us a call before your next knitting machine yarn purchase. You might be pleasantly surprised on the yarn blends available and great prices we  have on the latest yarn fashions. And you won't be relegated to using acrylic yarn or wool yarn, now you can have it all, and on cones  too boot. We look forward to hearing from you. Happy Knitting!


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