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Motif Cams aka Isolation Cams for Knitting Machine Punch Card Patterns

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Knitting Machine Pattern Isolation Cams. Isolation cams are used to isolate a particular pattern when knitting with punch cards or other pattern media. 4 stitch cams are normally used for lace patterns, 8 and 24 stitch cams are normally used when knitting fairisle patterns. Items are priced individually although often shown in groups of 2 or more - this is to show and identify the cams, but they are priced individually, not as pairs or groups. Cams are used on Brother and KnitKing models KH840 to KH894 and KH260 plus some cams shown are for Studio/Singer/White knitting machines so please be sure which machine and gauge you have.. Colors may vary.

Where different cams are shown in the same picture, put a note in your order as to which one you need.

These are no longer being manufactured and are closeout items. Sorry no back orders or returns.

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