Brother KH710 Knitting Machine

Brother KH710 Knitting Machine

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Brother KH710 Knitting Machine. Pre-Owned Brother KH710 - Standard Gauge 4.5mm. Great knitting machine with built in patterns. Does not require electricity, punch cards or Mylar sheets. Anyone who has used a KH710 will tell you how much fun this knitting machine is to use. It has pre-loaded push button pattern selectors that work in conjunction with a large lever that makes the pre-loaded patterns easy and fun. Includes new sponge bar plus transfer tools, claw weights, and other extras including the operating manual

This is a great machine with built in patterns and everything works fine but not one we would recommend for a beginner as the learning curve with any machine that has built in patterns can be a little challenging to start out with.

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Brother KH710 Information
  • Single bed knitting machine
  • Standard 4.5mm needle gauge
  • 8st semi-automatic push button patterning
  • Can produce an incredible variety stitches, including tuck, slip, and fairisle
  • Metal bed
  • 200 needle

Interesting features

  • This machine has 5 positions (A, B, C, D1 and D2) and two holding positions, something which was dropped from later machines.

Recommended yarn

  • English 2ply up to light DK

Factory Accessories

  • Cast on comb (long)
  • Cast on comb (short)
  • 2 small weights
  • 2 clamps
  • Spare needles
  • Row counter
  • Lace carriage
  • Tension mast

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