Studio SK-700 4.5mm Punch Card Knitting Machine - Complete - Pre-Owned

Regular price $300.00
This great little Studio SK-700 knitting machine is a very clean 4.5mm standard gauge punch card knitting machine with a built in Knit Leader and internal row counter. We took this great little machine as a trade in on a electronic knitting machine and you can tell from the photos it has spent more time sitting under the bed than actual knitting. There are no noticeable dents or scratches on this machine. Even the underside is clean and neat with no dents or scratches, however there is some discoloration of the plastic case but it knits great! A Studio SK-700 is well renowned for its lace knitting capability. Unfortunately, we do not have a lace carriage for it but it does have two standard claw weights, 4.5mm transfer tool set, table clamps and spare needles and is ready to knit. Studio did not use cast on combs like Brother/KnitKing so there none with this machine. This great little knitting machine is complete and comes with a operating manual and new sponge bar. We have gone thru this machine so it is freshly cleaned and oiled throughout the machine, so all the wheels and brushes on the sinker plate are in great shape too. Call us if you have any questions about this machine. Makes a great beginners knitting machine and can handle the novice or advanced machine knitter. Shipping size is approximately 47" long x10" wide x 6" thick. Shipping weight is approximately 35#.

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