Ann Norling Adult Knitted Vest  - Pattern #27
Ann Norling

Ann Norling Adult Knitted Vest - Pattern #27

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Ann Norling Adult  Knitted Vest - Pattern #27. Pick out your yarn and knit a swatch. Match the swatch to one of the stitch gauges and pick your size. Use a pattern stitch or several pattern stitches, garter stitch or seed stitch the whole vest, add some stripes or some glitz or just use up your odds and ends. This is another pattern that should be considered a blank canvas for your creativity. To make sure you get the correct measurements, take a sweater that fits and use those measurements. You will need buttons and a crochet hook for a crochet edge You can use smaller needles if you want a ribbing or just let the edge roll plus other great suggestions make this a really great pattern to own.

Suggested stitch gauge - Use needle size:

  • 3.5 sts - Size 8 & 10.5
  • 4 sts - Size #7 & 9
  • 5 sts - Size #5 &7
  • 5.5 sts - Size #4 & 6

Great value for another of the famous Ann Norling copyrighted patterns. Because it is copyrighted, sorry no returns.

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