Made In America Yarn on Cones

American Lamb 100% Wool Yarn on Cones - Made in USA

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American Lamb Yarn on Cones. American Lamb is 100% Merino wool. Great for felting, weaving or machine knitting. We carry two basic thicknesses, Bulky and Sport (aka DK) weight yarn. Their Bulky yarn  is popular for felting weaving and for machine knitting on a bulky (9.0mm) gauge machine. Bulky yarn on cones is also useful for hand knitting on larger needles as it reduces or eliminates knots in your knitted piece. Their Sport Weight yarn can be knit on a standard gauge knitting machine or by hand. Yarn on cones is less expensive to use than skein or ball yarn.

American Lamb yarns are grown from sheep here in the USA and spun and put on cones entirely in the USA. Super soft, these yarns are a delight to knit with. American Lamb is made from 100% U.S. grown and processed Merino Wool. With a micron count of 22; it is some of the softest American wool available. American Lamb sheep are raised out west of the Missouri river. Their sheared wool travels to South Carolina for carding and cleaning. The cleaned wool is sent to Rhode Island where it becomes roving and single stranded. It then comes to their own mill in Philadelphia where it is twisted and dyed. USA SALES ONLY!

 Bulky weight - 350 yards per 7 oz cone.

DK weight - 700 yards per 7 oz cone.

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