Ella Rae Seasons 34 - Peach Pink & Yellow Yarn
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Ella Rae Seasons 34 - Peach Pink & Yellow Yarn

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This is a great yarn for sweaters, scarves or baby items. Great prices. The blending of pastel colors on this yarn are what make it so popular. Colors are very cheerful and light. It is super soft and very user friendly. Yarn cam be machine washed and dried (on knit settings). Gorgeous patterns are also available and free on line . Here's what knitters who have used this yarn are saying about it:
  • Good weight and yardage,
  • Knits up quickly,
  • Has a Nice texture,
  • Very soft to the touch,
  • Easy Care Machine wash,

Stats: 219 yards per 100 gram skein, 3.5 sts per inch (Chunky Wt), 70% Acrylic, 14% Wool, 10% Nylon.

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