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Ballerina Bear Christmas Stocking Kit - Lavender- #7003-L

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Ballerina Bear Christmas Stocking Kit - Lavender- #7003-L. This 100% Peruvian wool stocking kit can be knit using basic knitting skills. Our yarn is hand wound so there are no  knots or yarn barf to deal with - a great time saver. Ballerina Bear is a cute cuddly bear with lavender background and white heel, toe and cuff. She is a light brown color, with a pink Tu-Tu top, matching pink ballerina slippers, and with white sparkly opalescent fringe on the bottom of her Tu-Tu and standing in a Ballerina pose.The 100% wool stocking kit includes all embellishments. Includes alphabet graph for personalizing.

Needle sizes required to knit our stockings:

  • size 8 Straight
  • size 6 Straight
  • size 8 Double Point

 When finished, after blocking stocking size is approximately 6"-8" wide x 24"-26" tall.

Made in USA.

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