Brother KH230 Knitting Machine & KR230 Ribber Combo

Regular price $350.00

Brother KH230 Knitting Machine & KR230 Matching Ribber. Pre-Owned Brother Bulky knitting machine and ribber - 9.0mm. Great knitting machine that is in great shape. Does not require electricity, punch cards or Mylar sheets. Anyone who has used a KH230 bulky knitting machine  will tell you how much fun it is to use. These machines do not have automatic patterning capability but are a real workhorse in the industry. You can use most off the shelf yarns that are available at your local knitting shop, even Wal-Mart. Price Includes a new sponge bar, transfer tools, 2 claw weights, and a few other extras and includes an operating manual. The price for both knitting machine and ribber is less than you would pay for the knitting machine only. These are great machines to own and use and are very popular. .


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