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Hand Made Soaps by Barbara

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Hand Made Soaps by Barbara. Each individual soap bar is made by Barbara, one of our local artisans right here in Central Florida. Made with FDA approved all natural ingredients. Our Hand Made Soaps are great for that special gift such as a baby or wedding shower, birthday, fathers day, secret Santa, or special occasion gift. Put one in your bedroom, bathroom or lingerie drawer for a light refreshing scent. Provides a beautiful and light fragrance for any room or walk in closet in your home. Available in several delightful scents. Midnight Waters, Bora-Bora, Fruity Fusion and Shave & A Haircut.  Each soap cake Includes a free full size highly absorbent cotton blend washcloth. The following is a short description of each scent.

Midnight Waters - If you love deep and complex scents pick this one up. The scents include Bergamot, Orange, Sparkling Casssis, Deep Sea Water, Hyacinth, Blue Lilies, Lemon Zest, Patchoulki, and Seaweed.

Bora-Bora - The tropical island of Bora-Bora in French Polynesia is arguably the most beautiful island on the planet. Our Bora-Bora scent blends Sweet Pineapple, Acia Berry, Mango Zest, Tart Passion Fruit, Yusuf Zest, Green Apple, Orchid Leaves and Musky Nuances.

Fruity Passion - You'll love this fragrance. It's a sweet mix of Peach, Apple, Pear, Pineapple, Coconut, Honey, Orange Blossom, Wild Berry Jam, Malt and Vanilla.

Shave & A Haircut - This is a popular masculine fragrance. It's a mix of Lemon Bergamot, Cool Mint, Lavender, Green Accord, Sandalwood, Cedar Wood, Amber and Musk. It smells just like walking into a barbershop.

All our kits are Made in USA.


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