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Close Knit Bar - Knitting Machine

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Knitting Machine Close Knit Bar. This small plastic strip was original equipment with most knitting machine ribbers. Easily lost or misplaced, it is a must have when doing fine knitting patterns and/or lace knitting on your machine. It is very important if you knit with a knitting machine ribber as it keeps the yarn from becoming tangled in the sinker posts and carriage.  Not all close knit bars have the same appearance. Close Knit Bars are available in a U-grove style (Brother 4.5mm) and a "flat" style in Studio 4.5mm. Both Studio and Brother use the same close knit bar in their Bulky machines. The 4.5mm Brother was made in a u-shape and the bulky as a solid bar. Studio used a flat style in both 4.5 and Bulky machines. While the Bulky style interchanges between both Studio and Brother, the standard 4.5mm machines did not interchange. You can not use the Brother 4.5mm U-grove style close knit bar in a Studio 4.5mm machine.

Available for:
  • #1001 - Brother Standard & Fine gauge knitting machines (3.6mm & 4.5mm) pic 1&2
  • #1002 - Brother and Studio Mid & Bulky gauge knitting machines (6.5mm - 8.8mm - 9.0mm) pic 3&4
  • #1003 - Studio Standard & Fine gauge knitting machines (3.6mm & 4.5mm - not pictured)

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