Knitting Machine Oil
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Oil - 4 oz Bottle - Knitting Machine

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Knitting Machine Oil. Knitting Closet Knitting Machine Oil is a specially formulated blend of clear synthetic oil for lubricating parts of your knitting machine.  It is important to only use knitting machine oil on your knitting machine as other lubricants such as sewing machine oil and motor oils will attack and damage the plastic parts of your knitting machine. DO NOT use WD-40 or regular sewing machine oil on your knitting machine, it will attack the plastic bushings and parts. This high quality synthetic oil can be used on sewing machines or Serger. Sold in 4.25 oz control flow spout plastic bottle.

Price also includes a small (2oz) pump spray bottle (empty). After filling, this allows you to spray a fine oil mist to make lubricating a little easier especially in the under-the-carriage mechanism area.

USA SALES ONLY!  Sorry no export sales on this item!

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