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Koala Christmas Stocking Kit

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Koala Christmas Stocking Kit. A beautiful large Christmas stocking with a lovable Koala Bear. Bring festivities to your home this season with one of our Christmas Stocking kits.

Our kit is great for most knitters from a knitter with knowledge of knitting basics to advanced. The instructions are concise, easy to read and to follow. The materials are organized and of high quality. And, it is fun to knit.

This Koala is knit on a red stocking with off-white cuff heel and toe with green and gold stripes on the cuff. The Koala body is light brown and has lighter beige accents. He is holding a candy cane and has 3 snowflakes on the stocking. His eyes, nose and mouth are a dark brown color.

Furnished with top quality 100% wool yarn, alphabet graphics for personalizing, pattern with knitting graph and all embellishments. This kit makes is a large Christmas Stocking. When knitted, it is approximately 24"-26" long x 6"-8" wide. Made in USA.


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