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Noro Yasugi Yarn

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Noro Yasugi Yarn is a brand new Yarn from Noro.  "Yasugi" was just introduced this season and is a soft, worsted weight multi fiber blend that features organic silk and cotton. A great all season fiber. Translated to "light" or "glimmer" in English, the silk adds a beautiful sheen to this yarn. It is a delightful worsted weight yarn and is a choice for knitting and crocheting multi-season garments. A nice 200 gram skein has more than 500 yards so you can knit a shawl with just one skein and most summer tops only take two.  Better hurry though because most shops sell out of this yarn quickly!

 Stats:  26% Silk, 21% Cotton, 15% Viscose, 14% Mohair, 12% Wool, 12% Polyamide

Available as 200 gram x 528 yard skeins.

Also available on cones for machine knitters. Contact us for more information.

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