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Panda Cross Stitch Christmas Stocking Kit

Regular price $39.95
Panda Cross Stitch Christmas Stocking Kit. This kit features a black and white Panda on a red stocking with a white heel & toe, white snowflakes. The Panda is holding a green  Christmas present trimmed with gold ribbon. This is a wonderful printed cross-stitch pattern stocking kit at a great price - no crochet or knitting is required. The kit features a printed, tear-away-canvas, cross-stitch Panda Pattern which you stitch onto a nearly finished hand knitted stocking that we provide. The nearly completed stocking is already steam blocked by us and makes a beautiful cross stitch Christmas stocking when finished,
The hand knit stocking is 100% Wool and is semi-finished. One seam is left open so you can use a cross-stitch hoop to apply the cross stitch design to the stocking. All you need do is cross-stitch the printed pattern onto the stocking and sew  up the seam.  The printed tear away canvas pattern makes the cross stitching easy. The pattern is already positioned and tacked onto the stocking to provide you with a fast start by accurately locating the pattern on the stocking for you. Brilliant Lurex yarns are used to trim and highlight the Panda's present for a dazzling display of color.
A large eye blunt nose tapestry needle is included with the kit plus an alpha grid for personalizing the stocking. This makes a great gift when finished. When completed, the finished stocking is a large 6-8" wide and 24-26" in length. This low introductory price won't last so be sure to order yours right away. When finished, these stockings are so nice that they can sell for $70-$100.

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