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Penguin On Ice Christmas Stocking Kit

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Penguin On Ice Christmas Stocking Kit. You will love our Penguin Christmas Stocking Kit. Easy to knit with basic knitting knowledge with some Intarsia experience. Instructions are easy to follow and contain large colorful graphics.

Our black and white Penguin kit has white snowflakes, green, red & gold trim and with a white Heel & toe. Penguin is standing on a small iceberg. Penguin has an easy to follow pattern with a colorful knitting graph. Kit includes all embellishments plus an alpha graph for personalizing. All items necessary to knit this stocking are included except the needles. Supplied with 100% top quality Peruvian wool yarn. 

Finished stocking is 24" to 26" long and 6"- 8" wide!  Made in USA.


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