Sponge Only Sponge Bar
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Sponge Only Sponge Bar - Silver Reed LK100,LK140,LK150 / Brother KX350,390,400

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Sponge Only Sponge Bar. Intended as replacement sponge (needle retainer) on Plastic Bed knitting machines such as Singer/Silver Reed LK100,140 & 150 or Brother KX-350/400. This Sponge Bar does not have a metal backing but it does have a fabric strip on 2 opposing sides - one allows the needles to slide across the sponge without damaging the sponge itself, the cover on the other side helps keep the sponge from sticking during installation plus it helps keep the sponge from melting down into the slot during long term use. Other cheaply made sponges do not have this important feature. The sponge only sponge bar is also used for rebuilding the original sponge bar (needle retainer bar) when a commercial replacement bar is not available. Our sponge bar material is made with a special density/durometer rubber just like the more expensive metal backed sponge bars to provide for long lasting use plus it has a sturdy fabric covering on two opposing sides for non-stick capabilities the next time you need to replace it. The material  is made especially for knitting machines.

It is not weather stripping or craft shop foam. This is genuine sponge bar material manufactured for use as a knitting machine sponge bar. It is only available in one cut size and length  which is approximately 40" long x 1/2" wide. Ships via US First Class Mail (a lot less money for shipping)

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