Knitting Machine Timing Belt - Brother

Timing Belt - Brother Knitting Machine

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Timing Belt - Brother Knitting Machine. A timing belt is used to sense positioning of the knitting carriage on your electronic or punch card knitting machine. These can become worn, cracked, (or even break) and since positioning of the carriage is critical this can be misread by your knitting machine causing patterning and other errors.
It is a good idea to visually inspect the timing belt at least twice a year and replace it if you see any cracks especially around drive pin holes. These can be replaced/installed by just about anyone with some basic mechanical knowledge if you catch it before it breaks. Once broken, it can be more difficult and time consuming to replace. Installation hints are included.


A U-Tube video is also available that can  help you when changing the timing belt. Just copy and paste  this link to your computer browser -


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