When I was a young girl I spent many summers in Canada with my grandmother. I didn’t at the time realize how fortunate I was. When I was about 8 years old, since we had lots of spare time and no electricity, my grandmother taught me how to knit and crochet along with many other wonderful things like crafting, swimming and fishing!

Later in life I was still an avid knitter and crafter, so after working for many years in the medical field, I was able to semi-retire and follow my dream of knitting, crocheting and creating my designs in my own yarn shop. 

For several years I ran a retail yarn shop with my husband who worked the internet part of our knitting machine parts business. After years of doing this, I found my self tired and not having enough time to do what I really loved most which was designing and making my own creations. After a long discussion with my husband, we decided to close the walk in shop part of our business and just do internet sales of my creations including jewelry and Christmas Stocking kits.

Our knitting machine part and Christmas stocking kits were our more popular items we sold. Our Christmas stockings are unique in design and not available anywhere else. I also design beautiful jewelry and highly fashionable garments, all of which had sold well in our store and also on the internet. We now sell knitting machine parts, knit and crochet garments and Christmas stocking kit and finished jewelry on several websites.

As a fiber artist and retail shop owner something very important I had promised myself, were knit and crochet items I sold were to be made from top of the line components and instructions and patterns were to be proof read by other crafting professionals so they would be clear, concise and easy to follow. Knitted kits were to include all components in the kit (except needles) and my fashions had to be the latest designs and sell at a reasonable price. 

Now I am able to work from my home studio and have the time to create new and exciting fashions and fun kits to keep my creative juices at their peak level. I love my creations and hope you do too. We hope you have as much fun hand or machine knitting and wearing your fashions as I do. We love to hear from customers so let us know about your items.

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