Store Information and Policy

  • 100% Safe Shopping! All credit card information is secure on our website. Compliance is monitored daily by Security Metrics for compliance issues to the strict standards as dictated by the merchant services provider to our company. 

  • Credit Card numbers cannot be viewed by any of our personnel including company owners, order processing, service or phone personnel.  Our website data processing page is absolutely secure. 

  • We do not sell or share your information with anyone including suppliers. 

  • We do not allow pop up ads on our website which makes your information even more secure from scams and from identity theft.
  • When placing an order either in person, by phone, or on our website,by placing an order with us the purchaser agrees to all of  the following warranty limits.
  • Purchaser shall bear any transportation cost, removal, or installation charges in connection with the inspection, repair, return, or replacement parts or service. 
  • New items are limited to a manufacturers warranty only..   
  • Other items and services may be warranted on an individual basis.and some items may not be covered by a warranty.  
  • Any item returned for credit or replacement are responsible for any transportation costs, must have prior authorization, and are subject to a restocking charge.
  •  Any item(s) accepted for return must be in the original packaging and in resale-able condition.
  • This warranty is the only warranty applicable to any purchase. There are no other warranties  expressed or implied.
  • We will not be liable for any special incidental or consequenstioal damages, including, but not limited to personal injury, property damage, damage to or loss of equipment, lost profits or revenue, costs of renting replacements, and other additional expenses, even if we have be advised of the possibility of such damages. The sale price is a consideration in limiting our liability. 
  • We will not be liable for any damages, losses or expenses as a result of purchasers negligence, whether deemed active or passive, and whether or not any such negligence is the sole cause of any damage, loss or expense.
  • No warranty is provided beyond the purchase price of the item or service. 
  • Shipping insurance is usually provided with each shipment. Contact us for more details on how we insure your package.
  • LOST OR DAMAGED GOODS - All items are shipped F.O.B. Palm Bay, Florida (title of goods pass to buyer at time of shipment. We will usually file claim for damage but you must notify us first.. We may need your help with paperwork filing and necessary follow up as may be required by the carrier. You must report any damage, hidden or otherwise, to us and the carrier immediately upon receipt of the merchandise. Claims filed after 60 days will not be accepted.
  • We will not be responsible for items left at our shop for any extended period. Any item left with us must be insured by the owners insurance company or their homeowners policy.

  • Most items ship within 1-3 business days. We occasionally find ourselves in an out of stock condition – these items ship as soon as we receive our next delivery which is usually within a few days. Some items may no longer be unavailable from the manufacturer in which case we may need to substitute or cancel that item.

Return Policy - it is unfortunate that we must restrict returns but a few customers have ruined it for others and required us to set the following rules.


  • No returns on Electrical or Electronic Devices, CD's, DVD's, VCR/VHS tapes, manuals, books, kits or patterns - they are copyrighted and as such are non-returnable and non-refundable - no credit or refund will be issued on them - NO EXCEPTIONS. 

  • No receipt, no returns, no exceptions.
  • To initiate a return of any other merchandise, you must first obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) by contacting us by e-mail or by phone at 866-463-8810. Where applicable, we will provide you with an RMA and shipping instructions. 

  • Absolutely no returns after 30 days of purchase date.
  • Merchandise in sealed packaging must be returned unopened, and all returned items must be in its original packaging and be in resalable condition. In the case of un-packaged items, the merchandise must be unaltered and must be in resalable condition. There cannot be any other odors such as pet smell, cigarette or tobacco smoke of any kind on the item or in the shipping box - no exceptions!

  •  A restocking charge will apply on any returns that are not our error.

  • Some items are non returnable such as Patterns, Magazines, Books or other printed matter containing copyrighted matter or matter that may personal in nature, this includes CD's or DVD's or E-transfer downloads.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Any refund will be limited to a in store credit only, good towards the future purchase of any item listed on our website.

  • We will not accept for return partial cones or yarn that has been removed, rewound or otherwise changed from its original package.  Yarn colors are subject to color dye lots which vary in color from one dye lot to another. Yarns are supplied in dye lot colors and an exact match or replacement yarn color cannot be guaranteed.  Repaired items are warranted as specified at time of repair and are subject to a bench charge.
  • Most in stock items ship within 1 business day. We occasionally find ourselves in an out of stock condition – these items ship as soon as we receive our next delivery which is usually within a few days. Some items may no longer be unavailable from the manufacturer in which case we may suggest a substitution or cancellation of that item. If there is a question on delivery, please Email or give us a call.

Specific Rules and/or Exceptions:

  • We do not allow the return of any merchandise except for manufacturer's defects or unless we have made a shipping error.
  • Any allowable return is at our sole discretion
  • You must have Return Material Authorization from us in advance before any return or  exchange will be allowed or any credit will be issued. No exchange of any returned items without an RMA. We will not be responsible for items returned without an RMA.

  • No freight charges will be refunded unless we made an error in shipping and are unable to correct the error or supply a replacement item. 

  • Items accepted for return must be in its original package or container and in resalable condition.

  • Items that are on close out, have been discontinued by the manufacturer, or are otherwise no longer stocked by us, are non returnable and non refundable.

  • Some items that absolutely cannot be considered for return are items such as electrical or electronic components are, Electrical Power Supplies, Electrical Power Cords, Special Order Items, CD's, DVD's, VCR/VHS tapes, Patterns, Books, Manuals or any other printed or dated material. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Items that have been damaged either by mishandling by the carrier or while in your care or possession cannot be returned for credit. If your material was damaged in transit, we will assist you with any claims that need to be filed with the carrier but you must first notify them of the damage and initiate a damage claim pick up with them. Then call us so we can handle any paperwork that is necessary for them to make any refund. All shipments are FOB our loading dock.

  • Special Order Items, once an order is placed, cannot be cancelled or returned for credit or refund. We consider "special order items" as items that we have ordered for you that we consider non stock (not stocked by us) or unusual. This includes any machine parts that are not returnable to our sources, discontinued items, large quantity, or any item or part we deem as special order - this especially applies to back-ordered or long lead time items.

  • Acceptable refunds will be made by replacement or in-store credit only (at our discretion) - no cash or credit card refund will be made. Any credit or amount due, less any restocking charges (if applicable) will be solely at our discretion. No refunds after 90 days from purchase date for any reason - no exceptions.
  • Restocking charges do vary and can be up to 50% of the price of the item and will depend on the item, plus, any inbound and/or outbound freight charge and is at our discretion.

  • Any return for credit or replacement is at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to refuse credit or refund on any item.

  • In order to insure domestically (USA) shipped items for loss or damage they must ship via UPS or USPS Priority Mail. If another shipping method is chosen, it is at your risk - no other loss or damage insurance is provided. If you wish additional insurance you must contact us in advance.

  • Some items may not ship via First Class Mail because of size or weight limitations. These must ship via another means which is usually specified on that web page at time of order. 

  • If you live outside the USA and wish your package to be insured you MUST specify GLOBAL PRIORITY MAIL as your preferred method of shipment.
  • Copyright and trademark laws under US and International law protect this site. No portion of this website may be copied or reproduced in any manner without specific written permission from The Knitting Closet. The name The Knitting Closet (aka Knitting Closet) is copyrighted; it may not be used to advertise another product other than our own, or to link our website to another web site without our written permission could result in prosecution under copyright laws.
You may contact us at 866-463-8810 if there are any questions regarding product refunds, warranties, shipping or damaged goods policy.