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Pattern Books On CD. Pattern books allow you to physically see what your  knitting machine pattern looks like before you knit it. The pattern books are arranged by pattern number so you can easily locate the pattern you want to use. It shows as in the original pattern book.  Many, but not all patterns shown are in color. The CD's can be used on your home computer which makes it very useful because you can see many different designs and colors before you select your pattern on your knitting machine. Some files are quite large so your pattern disc may require a few minutes to open on your computer. Please be patient!

CD (booklet) Content:

Pattern Book 1 - Brother/KnitKing Electronic Models  - General fairisle patterns as found in your - 930, 940, 965 & Compuknit Models III, IV & V

Pattern Book 2 - Brother/KnitKing Additional more complicated Patterns in Fairisle, Skip Stitch, and Rib Patterns

Pattern Book 3 - Brother/KnitKing - Lace, Tuck Stitch, Thread Lace G-Carriage, Color Changer and many other Patterns.

Brother KH270 knitting machine Patterns, includes some of the following....

  • Fairisle
  • Single Motif
  • Tuck Stitch
  • Multi-color Tuck Stitch
  • Plated Tuck Stitch
  • Skip Stitch
  • Multi Color Skip Stitch
  • Thread Lace
  • Weaving
  • Original Color Changer KRC

Please remember, these are electronic products, so once purchased, there are no returns or credits.

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