Ann Norling Easy Cowl in Any Gauge Pattern #71
Ann Norling

Ann Norling Easy Cowl in Any Gauge Pattern #71

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Ann Norling Easy Cowl in Any Gauge Pattern #71. Cowls are the latest fashion accessory! Here's one that can be made in a variety of gauges with your choice of yarn for a fashion accessory. You might even have yarn in your stash that's just right for this pattern. Or, try combining  two yarns to make something really unique. You know the drill: look at the yarn label and start with the recommended needle. Make a swatch to be sure you like the fabric and check the gauge. Go to the chart for the yardage and number of stitches to cast on If your gauge is between two of the gauges listed, just estimate the yardage. The rest is your one of a kind fashion statement.

Stats: Gauge 3-5

  • Yardage varies by needle size and yarn thickness. Chart shown on pattern.
  • Blue Cowl - 11.5x42" - 5.25 sts =1", #7 Circular - CO 220 sts
  • Red Cowl - 8x25" - 5.25 sts =1" on #7 circular - CO 132 sts
  • Gray Cowl - 10..5x44" - 5 sts =1" on #8 Circular - CO 220 sts
  • Blue Chunky - 9.5x36" - 4sts = 1" on 10.5 circular - CO 140 sts

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