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Brother KR850 Knitting Machine Ribber - New

Sale price $750.00 Regular price $999.00

Brother KR-850 Knitting Machine Ribber - New and in the box. Complete with all accessories, clamps, weights, cast-on combs, etc. This will add a whole new dimension to your machine knitting. It does more than knit ribs to give a professional finish to your garments. With the KR850 ribber, you can produce a tremendous variety of new stitches, including Double Jacquard, Plating Rib, Pick Rib, Swung Rib, Fisherman's Rib, Punch Tuck Rib, Drive Lace, Mesh knitting and Pile knitting.

* Note - The KRC830,KRC900 yarn changer can be added to obtain Double Jacquard.

For a truly professional finished garment, a Ribbing Attachment works superb ribs for hems and cuffs - with an adjustable amount of elasticity. This attachment adds to the knitting machine's range of stitches and capabilities. Fisher-man's rib, English rib, Circular Knitting, pleats and, using the Racking Handle, zig-zag stitches can all be worked with ease.

This ribber fits the following Brother Knitting Machines: KH830, KH836, KH840, KH860, KH890, KH881, KH891, KH864,KH869, KH900,KH910, KH940,H950,KH950i, KH965, KH965i & KH970.