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Crochet Hooks. All are brand new crochet hooks and on closeout so are being sold at great prices. ChiaoGoo Crochet Hooks are made from Chinese Moso bamboo, one of the strongest and largest bamboo species in the world. Points are handcrafted by highly skilled Westing Bridge craftsmen. Needle size is permanently laser marked on the needle an will not wear off. Warm to the touch and provides a smooth yarn feed.

Clover Crochet hooks feature precise standards which promise a uniform knitting gauge and a beautiful finish. Clovers unique technology offers an even thickness, smoother touch and smoother yarn feed.

Susan Bates Plastic Crochet Hooks (Lucite) have an Ergonomic design which makes for better control and more comfort while crocheting.

Better hurry! These are on closeout - selection is limited and going fast. Sorry, no back orders or returns.

There is a 15% discount on this item by using discount code BKYZ220VXACB - use it at checkout. Does not apply to cone yarn.

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