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Lurex Yarn Short Winds

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Lurex Yarn Short Winds. These short winds contain 15 feet of shiny Lurex yarn in various brilliant and shiny colors. Why buy a whole ball of yarn when you only need a short piece? Often used as an sparkly embellishments, this brilliant Lurex yarn can used as a main color or a carry along. It will not tarnish with age and really puts a brilliant sparkle in your project. These short winds are for the knitter, crocheter, or hobbyist that needs a brilliant color but doesn't need a whole ball of yarn. Why pay $9 or $10 for each color when you just need a short piece of yarn?

Our "Short Winds" each have 15 feet of yarn on a bobbin so you can have a collection of colors for just a little over $1 per color. Single winds ship First Class Mail so the cost to own several colors is just a few dollars. Favorite uses for "Short Winds"  include Jewelry, Embroidery, Cross Stitch, Scrap-booking and Knit & Crochet embellishments. There are many other uses too, one favorite is for weaving into a hairdo. Makes a really sparkly eye catching “Do”.   

This beautiful yarn will not tarnish with age and can really put a sparkle in your project. We sell single winds as well as collections of Short Winds for special occasions. Each collection contains several popular colors for a holiday or special occasion. 

Special Occasion Short Wind Assortments contain (1) each of 15ft short wind spools of the following colors:


  • Christmas Assortment - 5 colors - Red, Christmas Green, Silver, Gold, and White Lurex
  • Mothers Day Assortment - 6 colors - Red, White, Gold, Lavender Silver, Fushia
  • St. Patrick's Day Assortment - 6 colors -Green, White, Silver, Gold, Black, Purple
  • Valentines Day Assortment - 5 colors - Red, White, Silver Gold, Pink
  • Mardi Gras Assortment - 6 colors - Lavender, Purple, Gold, Silver, Black Multi Color
  • Fall Colors Assortment - 5 colors - Black, Silver, Gold, Copper, Bronze
  • Patriotic Assortment - 6 colors - Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July - -                                    Red, White, Royal Blue, Black, Silver, Gold

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