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Ribber Cast On Comb for Knitting Machine

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Knitting Machine Ribber Cast On Comb. Ribber cast on combs are used in conjunction with your knitting machine and ribber combination to weight your knitted material so that stitch size stays equal and so that your stitches stay clear of the machine mechanism. A Ribber Cast On Comb is hung between and under the knitting machine main bed and the ribber bed using a fine wire which is threaded thru the knitted material and the holes on one edge of the comb. We have ribber combs for both 4.5mm and 9.0mm machines.

If you are tired of juggling the longer cast on comb when all you really need is a small length? Well this is the answer. Short combs are much easier to balance while working virtually blind under your machine. We have short ribber combs which are very handy for smaller projects. The ones that that came with your ribber are anywhere from 18" to 41" long and our short combs are 6" long. All of our cast on combs include a proper length wire with the sale.

Available Sizes

  •  6" x 4.5mm - Most popular - great for small projects)
  • 18" x 4.5mm - Small to Medium size projects
  • 35" x 4.5mm - Larger Projects
  • 39" 9.0mm - Larger Bulky Projects


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