Silver Reed Intarsia Carriage AG-24

Silver Reed Intarsia Carriage AG-24

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Silver Reed Intarsia Carriage AG-24. Fits Silver-Reed, Singer, Studio and Knit-Master SK280, 360, 700, 840, and other 4.5mm standard gauge models from Silver Reed / Studio.

This very practical carriage allows you to knit as many colors in one row as you like. With the AG24, you can knit intricate pictures or bold geometric designs, traditional Argyle patterns or colorful motifs without producing any floats on the back of your knitting. Create large picture designs with no floats on the back of the fabric. With Intarsia your color choices are unlimited. You can use as many colors in a row as you choose. By laying the yarns across the needles you want to knit in that color. Picture knitting is fun and very rewarding.

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