Why Alpaca Yarn Is so popular

Allpaca Yarns Hand Knitting Ideas Knitting With Alpaca Machine Knitting with Alpaca Why Alpaca? Yarn

  • Its a natural fiber with great qualities.
  • Most Alpaca yarns are exceptionally soft..
  • It does not have a smell like wool.
  • It is soil resistant, delicate and cuddly and it has exceptional thermal properties.
  • Alpaca does not pill and is exceptionally wear resistant and strong
  • Comes in many colors and is easily permanently dyed
  • Alpaca is odor free and hypoallergenic so it can be worn by almost anyone without fear of rashes or reactions.
  • Alpaca and cashmere are often compared - garments of either material are light, warming and feel really pleasant on the skin.
  • Alpaca garments do not pill and remain forever smooth.AlpA
  • Alpaca is Inexpensive to use and available in many colors and with or without fiber blends..