Boy Toys Christmas Stocking Kit - 7007
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Boy Toys Christmas Stocking Kit - 7007

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Boy Toys Christmas Stocking Kit. Knit with basic knitting knowledge. Kit is supplied with soft top quality 100% Peruvian Wool and includes all embellishments. Our yarn is hand wound so there are no breaks, knots or yarn barf to deal with - a great time saver.

This colorful Christmas stocking kit has lots of boy toys including a soccer ball, train engine, and soldier plus a sled, rocking horse and teddy bear buttons. Everything needed to make the stocking is included in the kit except the needles. Easy to read and follow Instructions,  a large color graphic for knitting detail,  plus an alpha graph for personalizing the stocking.

Needle sizes required to knit our stocking:

  • size 8 Straight
  • size 6 Straight
  • size 8 Double Point

 When finished and after steam blocking, stocking size is approximately 6"-8" wide x 24"-26" tall. Made in the USA. 

Training Video – How to do Duplicate Stitch –

Training Video Link - How to do Intarsia knitting: -     

Training Video Link - How to Steam Block  -

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