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Sponge Bars - Knitting Machine

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Sponge Bars - Knitting Machine. (aka needle retainer bar). Your Knitting Machine Sponge Bar should be examined and replaced whenever the foam rubber loses 1/2 its original height, typically 1-3years. When ordering, be sure to select the machine name & model number If you are not sure of the size or type you need, please call or E-mail us before you order. Free installation instructions are included with each purchase.
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  • Toyota knitting machines use a special design sponge bar for machines that use extension rails. If you want to use extension rails with your Toyota machine, you will need to rebuild your old sponge bar or modify one of ours to work with your machine. No sponge bars are commercially available that work with Toyota extension rails.
  • Brother KH-120, Bulky 8 and Studio/Singer SK8, Bulky 8 and SR-20 needle retainer bars (sponge bars) are no longer made However our Brother Bulky 8 & SK120/121 Sponge Bar Kit has the material needed to rebuild your old 1/8" wide x43" long retainer bar.
  • Many knitting machine ribbers were originally sold with a solid plastic bar - these are no longer manufactured. Your plastic bar should work OK for many years, however, a regular sponge bar will work better for lace and other fine knitting - our sponge bar is a drop in substitute for the original plastic ribber bar.

Sorry, no export of sponge bars due to the sponge bar length. THIS ITEM CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO DESTINATIONS OUTSIDE THE USA

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