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Knitting Machine Sponge bars also known as Needle Retainer Bars are an important replacement item and are used in nearly all flat bed home knitting machines (even plastic bed knitting machines). We stock sponge bars for Brother/KnitKing, Studio, Singer, Silver Reed, Toyota and many others for  standard, Mid-gauge and bulky gauge machines . Passap and Pfaff knitting machines do not use sponge bars but instead use "pushers" and a spring design. 

Knitting machine ribbers often shipped from the factory with plastic needle retainer bars. These are OK for standard everyday knitting , however if you are knitting lace or fine knitting  such as for a suit, you will want to install an actual sponge bar for your ribber. This will help control the neeele movement and give you a better looking garment..

*Note:Toyota knitting machines use a special design sponge bar for machines that use extension rails. If you want to use extension rails with your Toyota machine, you will need to rebuild your old sponges bar or modify one of ours to work with your machine. There are no commercially available sponge bars for Toyota knitting machines for use with  extension rails.

*Note: before ordering any replacement sponge bar, check your old sponge bar dimensions to make sure they are they are the same as the one you are ordering. This information is published on each of our bars.

For those of you with a plastic bed Studio/Singer/Silver Reed LK150 (or LK100 or LK140),  there is a great video about and easy way of replacing a sponge bar on the Silver Reed/Singer/Studio LK-150/140/100 by our very good friend Diana Sullivan. To watch the video, copy this link to your browser and spend a few minutes watching it. She has some really good tips and it's very worthwhile. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_N5hcwb8zVI

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