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Yarn Tension Unit - Brother Knitting Machine

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Yarn Tension Unit Knitting Machine. Includes Mast, Tension Springs and Support Rod w/guides for later models (1972 & later) standard gauge. Brother masts fit only Brother Knitting Machine models KH820 to KH965 or KH-260/270 Bulky machines. These masts w
ill not fit KH230 or KX350, KX400 or KX390 any of the Brother plastic bed machines.

Tension Mast Assembly includes Mast, Upper Yarn Guides, Yarn Tension Unit & Tension Springs, Rod and triangle Yarn Guide.

    Our Brother tension masts do not support use with a G-Carriage.  Also, there has been some confusion concerning the Brother KH230 knitting machine mast. The original KH230 mast had a different style sliding wire mast unit.  Most of these have been replaced with the Brother standardized mast. Our Brother KH230 mast is not a sliding wire style, our KH230 masts are the standardized mast style. This does not affect performance but it may not fit properly in your storage case.  If you need the original design mast, do not purchase our Brother KH230 mast.  If you need the sliding wire mast style, and if they are still available, contact us and we will try to order one for you. Price and delivery for the sliding wire style mast is more expensive than  a standard version mast and so price and delivery must be quoted. Delivery to us from our supplier on similar units has been running 4-8 weeks. If you are not sure which model you have or if you are not sure our mast will fit your machine, please call or E-mail us so we can help. 


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