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Brother Cast On Comb - 4.5mm Partial Length Combs

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Brother Cast On Combs - Partial Length Combs. Partial length cast on combs are often used for small knitting pieces on your knitting machine such as socks or baby hats. Easier to use than the entire cast on comb these Brother/KnitKing original style, wire hook, short Cast-On combs. These are hard to find partial lengths. Claw weights hang great between the hooks. They do not include a connector plate. Prices vary - priced by length.

These will work on nearly any 4.5mm or 9.0mm gauge metal bed knitting machine including Studio, Singer, Brother, KnitKing, Toyota, etc. These are NEW cast-on combs. *Note - They will not work with a plastic bed machine or Passap/Pfaff machines.

Sizes Available:

11" - Shorter makes them easier to use for small projects.

9" - Great for making scarves

7" - Really nice when making sleeves or socks.

5" - Perfect when making baby or doll clothes

2-1/2" - Just right for making narrow items such as belts - great to use with a standard size folding claw weight (4.5mm machines) - The 2-1/2" is the same width as a small folding claw weight.


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