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Drop Stitch Latch Tool

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Drop Stitch Latch Tool. Have you ever dropped a stitch while knitting on your knitting machine and tried to re-latch the dropped stitches? If you have then I know you will appreciate this little fix it tool. You have probably found out to your chagrin that if you re-latch the dropped stitch from the side facing you on the machine that the repair will not be right,,,,, for when you  turn the garment around to the front side where you can see it, you will see you have a purl stitch where a knit stitch ought to be!!!!!. What a bummer that is.
With this tool you can comfortably reach around behind the knitted piece and latch the dropped stitch from the knit side - (the side away from you when you are machine knitting) and it will look great because the new stitch will be a knit stitch not a purl stitch. You almost need to be a contortionist to do this with a standard latch tool. The tool has a round wooden handle, is approximately 5 inches long and with a 2 inch long needle shank (including the latch). This tool also works great if you want to do faux ribbing on most plastic bed machines too (think Bond). Comes complete with plastic needle guard for when its not in use. A really handy little tool.

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