Yarn Tension Unit - Brother Knitting Machine

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Yarn Tension Unit Knitting Machine. Includes Mast, Tension Springs and Support Rod w/guides for later models (1972 & later) standard gauge. Brother masts fit only Brother Knitting Machine models KH820 to KH965 or KH-260/270 Bulky machines. These masts will not fit KH230 or KX350, KX400 or KX390 any of the other Brother plastic bed machines.

Studio/Singer/Silver Reed fit models -SK210, SK218, SK260, SK270, SK280, SK321, SK322, SK323, SK324, SK326, SK327, SK328, SK245, SK360, SK560, SK580, SK700,

SK860, SR860, SK155, SK151 they do not fit the LK100,140,150,400, HK100 or any of their plastic bed machines.

  • Tension Mast Assembly includes Mast, Upper Yarn Guides, Yarn Tensioner & Tension Springs, Rod and triangle Yarn Guide.
Our Brother tension masts do not support use with a G-Carriage.
If you are not sure which model you have or if you are not sure our mast will fit your machine, please call or E-mail us so we can help. 

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