Tension Mast Spring - Knitting Machine

Brother Tension Mast Spring - Knitting Machine

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Brother Tension Mast Spring - Knitting Machine. Spring Only! Used to keep tension on your knitting yarn so that it keeps a consistent stitch size in your knitting, also it keeps the yarn from becomig tangled in the mechanisms of your machine. These do not normally need replacement except when lost, broken or mistreated.

Two basic styles are used however, they differ by manufacturer. The Brother/KnitKing style snaps into place (Brother), while the Studio/Singer utilizes a wire (spring wire) held in place by a screw(s) and is bent in the middle making two tension mast springs with one continuous strand of wire.

Silver Reed LK Series plastic Knitting Machine mast parts are also listed here. Unfortunately not all parts are available, only those listed here. LK series mast springs are not available at this time.


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