Knitting A Christmas Stocking - Best way, Intarsia or Fairisle?

Christmas Stocking Kit - Intarsia or Fairisle Christmas Stockings Intarsia or Fairisle Knitting your Chrismas Stocking

You've decided to knit a Christmas Stocking and realized the best way is to buy a kit. After all, kits have everything you need in them to knit a stocking and you don't have to buy that 200 yards of yarn to get the 10 feet or so of yarn just to make the nose on that snowman. Good choice!!!

As you contemplate the kit you want to buy its good to realize that all kits are not made equal.

  1. Some kits are made with acrylic yarn which makes the kit less expensive, but Acrylics don't hold their shape and stretch way to far when they are used, plus the stitches stretch making large gaps in the yarn so toys and things tend to fall thru or get caught in the loops of the yarn.
  2. So, its better to get a good quality stocking that holds its shape and is long lasting, so a good mostly100% wool stocking is much better. They last longer and they hold their shape and as long as you've spent the time to knit it, spend a little and get something worthwhile.
  3. You probably noticed that most all these stocking kits have to be knit in Intarsia style. They use less yarn. Some are more difficult than others.
  4. So you see the design you want but you've never done Intarsia knitting before so you are at a loss. So whats the big deal, whats the big difference?. When you get done knitting the stocking you don't have big loops on the  inside of the stocking - that means no lining is required. The toys won't get caught in the inside loops when you reach in to pull the toys out of the stocking. Also, Intarsia uses less yarn, that means less knitting time is needed.
  5. Most Christmas stocking kits were intended to be knit in Intarsia, but you can also knit them in fairisle but to do it you will need extra yarn of the main color or you will run out of yarn before you finish knitting it, plus if you knit it fairisle, you will have those ugly loops inside the stocking to contend with.
  6. Since many of our customers are not familiar with Intarsia knitting , We do sell extra balls of yarn in the correct color for our kits if you decide you want to knit it in fairisle.  Call us for the extra ball of yarn if you decide to knit this kit in fairisle.

The good thing is that nearly all our kits can be knit fairisle, you just need to buy the extra main color yarn. Call us if you have any questions. Phone number is 321-961-2963. Best time to call is 10am-4pm Monday thru Friday and 10-noon on Saturday. We are in the Eastern time zone.,

Happy knitting!

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