How To Do Intarsia Knitting

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How To Do Intarsia Knitting - Great Video!

By Judy

 Many knitting kits require a knitting technique called "Intarsia". It is sometimes called picture knitting, because the technique is an easy way to add a knitted picture to your knitting such as a Santa to your Christmas stocking. When first starting, the technique can be confusing if not taught properly so we are including a really good video by Berrocco on how to do it. This video is the best I have seen on how to do it.

"How to do Intarsia knitting -"

When adding a Santa or some other picture to you knitting, this technique is used to eliminate those ugly strands left on the pearl side  when knitting "Fairisle". If you've ever tried the Fairisle technique you know what I mean. Besides saving yarn, it makes a really great looking stocking when you are finished.  Happy Knitting!

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