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Wax - Knitting Machine Mast Wax - 4 pack or 8 pak

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Wax - Knitting Machine Mast Wax 4 pack or 8 pak. Why wait? Delivers via USPS First Class Mail  from right here in the USA.These small wax barrels fit on the mast of your knitting machine to assist the lay of the fiber strands in your yarn. (will also fit many wool winders if they have mounting pin) They are drop in replacements for the original equipment on your knitting machine when it came from the factory. These have a hole in the center of the barrel to fit on the wax post of your yarn mast or wool winder .  Helps control static and allows easier flow of yarn thru your machine.  Wax was supplied as standard equipment with your knitting machine when it was new. It tends to smooth the tiny hairs on the yarn and make for smoother, easier knitting. Very helpful when doing automatic patterning. All traces of wax disappear when steaming/blocking your garment.

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