Brother Electronic Machine Problems

Electronic Machines 

  • Memory full message - your  memory capacity is full with self input patterns (900 series on Brother Knit-King machines). You must delete some or all of your patterns in order to load the pattern you want to use.

For 930, 940, 950, 965 machines do the following:

    • Make sure green light is on
    • Press Input
    • Enter the pattern number you wish to delete (900 series)
    • Press C.
    • Press Input again to return to regular mode
    • you must do this individually for each pattern you wish to delete.  Once you have cleared enough space, you may load your pattern

For 970 Machine

    • Select the DRAW icon
    • Select the ERASE icon
    • you will get a list of 900 series patterns currently in the Control Box.  You may delete them individually or delete them all at once.
    • If your machine locks up and you cannot clear it, or if some of the 900 series patterns are not knitting properly, you may need to clear the pattern storage memory entirely.  You should do this only if you are having problems and not as a routine way of deleting patterns.
    • If your electronic machine displays "888" when you turn it on or if it will not store a 900 series pattern, the on-board battery is most likely dead.  If your machine is over 4 years old, this is most likely the problem.  The battery is soldered in place and is difficult to find so you will need to send it in to have the battery replaced. 


LED light will not light up - most likely a blown fuse.  This can happen if:

    • you have a blown fuse
    • you've had a power surge and may have burned out electronic components
    • The metal tip of your garter carriage plug hits the metal part of your knitting machine.
    • You have had a large static discharge in the area of your machine.
    • If your machine does not have an external fuse, it is not reccomended that you try to fix it.
    • There are very few machine repair people around anymore. If you find one they have probably been in the business a long time. Have patience with him/her. These things usually take a lot of time to troubleshoot and then repair and he is probably swamped with work and parts are very hard to come by and can have long lead times. Usually he will need weeks or even months (not days) to repair your machine. Sometime his long waits do not bear fruit - the part is no longer available from his regular source or, after waiting a long time,  they sent him the wrong part. It is not a bad idea to check on your repair from time to time, but do not expect miracles and please, HAVE PATIENCE!

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