The LK-100 Studio/White Plastic Bed Knitting Machine

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The LK-100 plastic bed Studio/White Knitting Machine was one of the first of the plastic bed machines made by Studio and White knitting machine company. The LK150 machine with its 90 needle bed is designed for the 4-ply American or worsted, weight yarn. It will handle heavy sport weight yarn or strands of fine yarn threaded together. The needles are spaced the same as bulky machines (9mm) and they have a large hook to accommodate heavy yarn. The LK100 has a tension holder located on the carriage so the yarn works most easily from the floor in front of the machine rather than on the table or behind the machine. If a gentle tug is given at the beginning of each row, the end stitches will knit evenly without causing a loop or tight area at the beginning of each row. BE SURE TO USE THE CARRIAGE RELEASE BUTTON WHEN REMOVING THE CARRIAGE FROM THE KNITTING MACHINE OR YOU WILL PERMANANTELY DAMAGE THE CARRIAGE.

These machines were made to compete in the market with the Bond "Sweater Machine" which was popular for a couple of tears but had many misgivings. The LK-100 machine significantly improved the ability to knit with a inexpensive knitting machine and took plastic bed knitting machines from being a kids toy to a real knitting machine.  Neither this machine or the bond is made at the present time. Studio was replaced by Silver Reed's newer models and bond ceased production entirely in 2012. Parts for either of these machines are no longer available except from collectors or hobbyists.

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