Hints for Installation of Needle Retainer Bar aka Sponge Bar

    • Please read this first before attempting to remove or install a new sponge bar (aka needle retainer bar)


Tools needed:

Flat blade screwdriver (for pushing old sponge bar out)

Denatured Alcohol for cleaning needles (if needed)

  • Metal Bed Models
    • Put machine on flat surface (flat surface is specially important when installing any sponge bar), do not try to install a sponge bar with the ribber in place. Be sure you have lots of room at the ends of the machine for removal of the sponge bar
    • Make sure all your machine needles are in the fully retracted position (“A” position).
    • Remove your old sponge bar taking note of sponge bar position (metal side up) and (length and width of sponge bar.
    • Clean the sponge bar slot with a long "rat tail" (cattail) brush.  While inserting the brush (from the right hand side of the machine when viewed from machine front) rotate the brush counterclockwise. 
    • Insert your new sponge bar into slot using steady hand pressure to hold the needles DOWN, and making sure metal side is up  and sponge side is down. The needles fit under the sponge bar, not above it. NEVER USE A HAMMER OR FORCE THE BAR INTO THE SLOT.  (It is a good idea to use gloves or a cloth wrapped around the sponge bar where you hold on to protect your hands. The edges of a sponge bar and the needles can be sharp.)
    • While inserting sponge bar (metal side up), push the machine needles down so that sponge side slides on top of the needles.  (you may only be able  to push only a few needles down at a time).  Stop if pushing if the bar becomes difficult or it jams. Do not force the sponge bar into position.
    • Use care when installing to be sure sponge bar goes in straight and without bending
    • If the sponge bar is slightly longer or shorter, it will not affect the performance of the machine but the sponge portion must reach across all the needles.
    • Lightly oil the needles shafts with a few drops of oil on a soft cloth.

If you still are having problems with your sponge bar installation, E-mail or call us – our toll free number is 866-463-8810 – our Email address is knittingcloset33@cfl.rr.com. Our phone hours are 10AM to 4 PM Eastern Time  – Monday thru Friday. Happy Knitting!

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