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Questions often asked by Studio/Singer/White and Silver Reed Knitters.

Point Cams, Magid Cams and Yarn Separators. What are they and what am I supposed to do with them?

  • Magic Cams, Point Cams and Yarn Separators are used for knitting an isolated motif, usually referred to as "Single Motif" in your manual.
  • Magic Cams screw onto the carriage, one to the left and one to the right, just behind the side levers. Magic Cams tell your carriage that you want to knit one single pattern some where on your garment.
  • Point Cams are like the margins of a typewriter, Point cams tell the Magic Cams EXACTLY where you want to place the isolated pattern.

If you look at your needle marker strip which is located under your needles you may be lucky enough to find the marker strip to be marked in groups of 24 numbers, with a little diamond to show where each group of 24 corresponds to the punch card width of 24 stitches. (Newer needle marker strips may not have these markings). But if yours does have the diamonds, putting the point cams onto your needle bed show the Magic Cam the "Margins" for your isolated pattern.

  • Yarn Separators keep your second color from getting caught up with the main color before the carriage gets to the isolation area. If you knit without the separators, the yarn s tend to tangle and make Tweed where you didn't want any.

As a rule, this particular question is asked only by new knitters. If you have done Fair isle work, you have probably  already experimented with Yarn Separators and are familiar with them. If you are not, I advise you to become familiar with Fair Isle before you try an isolation pattern, because each technique you learn on the knitting machine will build your experience and confidence and prepare you for the next level. However, being somewhat curious myself, I would take all the little bits and pieces out of my case, line them up, and worry that I did not understand them. Probably just like you woud do!!!

Now you know what these things are. Some are no longer available as new and others are just not available, but if you have them I hope they prove to be a source of joy and delight for many years..

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