Items needed:

Phillips head screwdriver

Flat blade screwdriver

Cleaning brush (old toothbrush works great)

Denatured Alcohol for cleaning



  • Put machine on flat surface
  • Turn machine upside down
  • Remove screws and clamps holding in needles and sponge bar
  • Remove needles from machine – needles will want to fall out so be sure not to loose any.
  • Remove old sponge bar
  • Important - Clean sponge bar slot. Use alcohol/water 50/50 mix if necessary
  • Install new sponge bar with fiber covering down/up position (not sideways)
  • Clean needles with a mix of alcohol and a tablespoon of knitting machine oil.
  • Reinstall needles, checking for bent latches, straightness of needles and cleanliness.
  • Reinstall screws and holding clamps that hold sponge bar and needles in place
  • Turn machine over to upright position and you are ready to knit.


Happy Knitting!


Note #1 – Customers have told us that  installation of a sponge on a KX350 Brother Plastic Bed Machine can be easier if you slice about 1/8” off the side of the sponge. If you do, be sure to cut off the raw side (uncovered), - do not remove the side with the fabric covering. Do not force the sponge bar as you may cut or rip it. Using a silicone or non stick (frying pan release) on the sponge bar track can make it easier.


Remember, in a plastic bed machine, needles are almost the last thing to go back in and must go on top of sponge when viewed from under machine. When looking at the machine while it is upside down (after the sponge bar and needles are put in) needle shanks should be seen on top of the newly installed sponge. Needles must slide on fabric side of sponge bar, not the raw sponge side.

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