Knitting Machine Troubleshooting Hints

Hints for Installation of Needle Retainer Bar aka Sponge Bar

Please read this first before attempting to remove or install a new sponge bar (aka needle retainer bar)   Tools needed: Flat blade screwdriver (for pushing old sponge bar out) Denatured Alcohol for cleaning needles (if needed) Metal Bed Models Put machine on flat surface (flat surface is specially important when installing any sponge bar), do not try to install a sponge bar with the ribber in place. Be sure you have lots of room at the ends of the machine for removal of the sponge bar Make sure all your machine needles are in the fully retracted position (“A”...

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Brother/KnitKing Garter Carriage Help

Hints for using your G-carriage   Try to practice good housekeeping on your G-carriage. Clean and oil it after each garment you knit. New owners often find hanging the cast on comb difficult to do after the G-carriage has done its E-wrap cast on. It's much easier to use waste yarn to cast on and hang the cast-on comb on to it. Knit a few rows followed by 1 row knitted in ravel cord. Then attach the G-carriage and work the E-wrap cast on. The cast-on comb does not need to be hung on to work. For most yarn, no...

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Brother Electronic Machine Problems

Electronic Machines  Memory full message - your  memory capacity is full with self input patterns (900 series on Brother Knit-King machines). You must delete some or all of your patterns in order to load the pattern you want to use. For 930, 940, 950, 965 machines do the following: Make sure green light is on Press Input Enter the pattern number you wish to delete (900 series) Press C. Press Input again to return to regular mode you must do this individually for each pattern you wish to delete.  Once you have cleared enough space, you may load your pattern For...

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